The Start of of the Holiday Season

posted on: Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Last weekend was my favorite. It was full of snow and winter fun and all that heartwarming holiday cheer stuff. Basically the best ever. There was a candlelight walk in our little downtown square with free hot cocoa and horse drawn carriage rides and a barber shop quartet who serenaded us with carols. Then first thing in the morning there was a parade with lots of candy and a very special guest. (hint hint, it was santa). 

And you know what else happened? Josh and I went to a Browns game (What?! I KNOW!). As you probably guessed, NFL activities are not normally my scene, but Josh has been wanting to go to one of these and I just so happened to stumble upon available tickets to the Browns vs Steelers game which is kiiiiind of a big deal around here and I couldn't pass them up. It turns out you just really have to put aside all your knowledge of questionable NFL policies and everything in that documentary you saw about concussions and try to enjoy the experience. We even sat in the "dawg pound". I put that in quotation marks not because that's not what it's called - it is. I just feel ridiculous even writing it. But I will say listening to the, um, "commentary" from the folks around us was quite enlightening. That was definitely the highlight for me. Oh, and also it was zero degrees out with wind chill. I had on all my Iceland layers and hand warmers in both pockets and shoved in the toes of my shoes. Also $7 hot chocolates. I feel like everyone should probably have that experience at least once in their life. I'm like a bonafide Northeast Ohioan now. I came, I saw, I froze, I conquered.  

By the way, the Browns lost. But that kind of goes without saying, right?


And the most important part of the weekend was the annual "cutting down of the christmas tree". I put THAT in quotations because every year we drag a sled and a saw out to the fields and wander around looking for the perfect tree. Problem with that is that perfect trees in fields don't exist and we never actually cut one down. We just retreat back to the barn half frozen and fully defeated and pick a pre-cut one. But somehow, I still love this. Best part though - this year it snowed! I was so happy I was practically giddy. Will you just look at that perfectly snowy landscape?! Love, love love.

and on that note I will leave you with my very favorite christmas song...

my sentiments exactly


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