A Gratuitious Number of Fall Photos

posted on: Thursday, October 22, 2015

I haven't counted but there are close to three million photos in this post. Just a fair warning before you get in too deep and can't find your way back out. Sorry 'bout that. So, last weekend we had our annual "fall day" because we enjoy making the most of the season and are also very clever when it comes to naming things. I must get it from my mom who owns a cat named "kitty". Why complicate things? Anyway, we kicked off the day with a big group breakfast and then headed out to the pumpkin patch and the corn maze. 

Ev's becoming quite fun in restaurants.

I take these pumpkin patch photos every year. We started right after Wes was born by plopping his two month old self down in this very pumpkin patch and haven't missed a year since. I can't believe I have THREE now. I get to be the mama of these three beautiful kids! How lucky am I? 


She found some pumpkins just her size :)

The day just kept getting colder and colder while we were out. After some actual snowflakes (!) started falling we decided it was time to head back to the car for extra hats, socks and heavier coats.

^^^ When Josh and I try to take a nice picture together for once^^^

a very cold hayride.

Victor did his part to amp up the halloween vibes by hiding in the corn and leaping out to scare the boys as they passed.  

And Abby did her part to help warm us up by making homemade cinnamon rolls and mulled cider when we got back home.

Ever...the first of my kids to not only not be disgusted by the pumpkin innards but was actually eating them?

They were as good as they look, guys. Recipe here.

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