Christmas 2017

posted on: Saturday, January 13, 2018

Happy New Year! Here we are rounding the corner into mid January and I've just had a moment to upload the (very few) photos I took during the holidays. We did lots of fun seasonal things this year, we visited the Tree Festival, went to Circle Fest and the Botanical Gardens, built gingerbread houses with our friends...the list goes on and on. But looking back I only managed to snag a few photos on my phone and rarely brought along the good camera. (I always kick myself later, somehow I've got to get back in the habit!) But here I have the few decent photos I took from Christmas itself. I hope your was as sweet as ours!

Christmas Eve brunch and the annual batch of Abby's homemade cinnamon rolls

Christmas eve cookies for Santa and apple slices and chex mix for the reindeer ;)

Our annual reading of the Night Before Christmas and then...Christmas morning!

candy and nail polish

 and Oren's own Nintendo DS!

 a deceptively large box for a stuffed lizard ;)

 Magic tricks and video games for sir Weston (and a new computer for the boys to share)

 and new Calico Critters for me er, Ever.

Merry Christmas! And here's to more photo taking and blogging in 2018!

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