Oren Henry in his 14th month of life

posted on: Thursday, June 28, 2012

14 months is kind of a weird time to do a baby update, but he has been changing and doing and speaking so much lately, it's out of control. He is on the verge of a language explosion right now. Every single day, some new word or phrase pops out of his mouth and I clap and squeal and run straight for my camera and forcibly try to get him to recreate the moment. Usually this fails. Oh, the videos I have of Oren just staring at the camera blankly while I try all manner of embarrasing methods to get him to do or say something.


Lately, when you sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" he starts doing these crazy hand movements like he's in a Madonna Vogue video and it's amazing and hysterical and I have no idea why he does it or where it came from, but it's brilliant! But, for the life of me, he will not do it for the camera. No way, no how, uh-uh. The result: so very many videos of me singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" in progressively more frustrated iterations while he just picks at his toes and acts like he doesn't know what the crazy lady behind the camera is going on about.

Things he also does at 14 months of age:

"woofs" like a dog and "roars" like a lion/tiger/dino/whaterverroaringanimalyouputinhisface

(here is his T-Rex roar:)

He's also got quite a few words under his belt now. The usual suspects, "mama", "dada", "hi", and of course, "NO".

But also, "row boat" (not captured on camera), "hot" and his current favorite phrase, "cool, huh"?
Wes says this all the time and Oren has definitely picked it up from him. Oh man, is it cute. It almost killed me the first time he said it. I was afraid I might actually eat him.

I managed to get video of him saying just "cool" while playing with his current favorite (not actually a) toy, the clock.

The other big thing with him right now is major separation anxiety. Which is a first for me, as Wes has been ready to move out of the house since the day he was born. If you know me (and, let's face it, if you're reading this blog, you probably do) between the two of us I always have had way more anxiety about leaving Wes than he's had about leaving me.

All and all we figure we have about one more year with him before he finally just packs up his star wars bookbag and hits the open road.

Oren, on ther other hand, is trying to figure out a way to get back inside my uterus. Which is really the only way he will truly ever be comfortable again. He wails when I leave the house but I'm told (by either my relieved family and friends or those tender-hearted, lying masochists) that he usually calms down after a few minutes and some major distractions.

But when I'm home, all bets are off. Generally, he's in my arms/on my hip/up my shirt most of the time. He's even usually cool with being set down and playing or running around as long as I'm nearby. BUT, should I dare walk out of his line of vision at any point, even if it's to retrieve something for him, the entire house is subject to an immediate, relentless and grating whine-cry. You know the one. Which, if I don't stop quickly, escalates into a full on tatrum-crying so hard he's in silent mode-hyperventilation, thing. Me taking a shower is equal to a night in Guantanamo for him. Which is to say, a kind of torcherous horror with no obvious solution.

(Side note: Things that keep me up at night are: global warming, childhood lukemia, Guantanamo Bay, North Korea. In that order.)

What is this? And what do you do about it when your kid demands full access to you at all times?

I know it's only a phase, but for those of you that have been there, how long does this usually last?
How did you cope? Or are you still wearing your 20somethings around in an ergo while you apply makeup or take a pee?

Hit me up in the comments section, you wonderful readers, you.

Much thanks!

Baywatch Baby

posted on: Monday, June 25, 2012

Finally, finally, finally this is the last post and last batch of pictures from our time in northern Michigan! (What, so soon? I know, I know!) Anyway, these photos are from the tail end of the trip which didn't involve too much more than visiting an awesome lego store in downtown Traverse City that Wes had been begging to go inside since day one and lots more beach pictures. I call it a lego "store" but it didn't actually sell any legos, per se. It was just part of a traveling exhibit that had a bunch of cool displays and amazing lego sculptures. Also, the kids could make their own lego cars and race them, and they had plenty to just build with too, of course. 

For our last hurrah on our way out of town Monday afternoon we ended up back in Empire, MI at the most beautiful beach we had found for one last dip in the lake (post hotel checkout) and an opportunity for Oren to cover himself head to toe in sand just before embarking on our seven hour return trip home with no chance to shower or bathe. We are terrible planners. Also, could that sentence have been any longer? Regardless, you only live once and none of us could resist one last chance to jump in.  I mean, look at this place, could you?

getting good and sandy

we love you, Michigan
see you again soon!

Fun in the Sun (Plus a Pastrami Sandwich for Breakfast)

posted on: Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday after exploring the dunes we set off for Glen Arbor and headed to crystal river outfitters for an evening of kayaking and canoeing. Wes loved every minute of it. He helped paddle the canoe, pointed out birds and dragonflies and at every portage he got out and waded around the river like a little fish.

The next morning was father's day and Josh picked the cutest little restaurant I've ever been to, Frenchie's, named after the owner and chef.  The place has a max occupancy of 10. It was TINY. We joked that in the summer when people can sit at the two little tables outside, his workload must double. There are only about 10 items to choose from total, but with as good as each one is, there's really no need for more. 

I'd read that the house made pastrami sandwich was basically transcendental and far and away the best thing on the menu. So, even though it was only 10:30 when we arrived, good old Frenchie obliged me with a pastrami sandwich for breakfast. 

Don't judge, yo.

P.S. the reviews were right. That sandwich was heavenly. It had Frenchie's own secret recipe honey mustard sauce and was served on freshly baked homemade bread. I'm drooling just thinking about it. 
(Also, don't mind the corner of the sandwich missing that Oren immediately hijacked the second the plate hit the table. The boy's got good instincts, what can I say?)

Afterwards, we headed up the peninsula that extends out into the Grand Traverse Bay all the way out to Old Mission State Park to admire the lighthouse and the gorgeous rocky coastline. 

The landscape out on the peninsula was gorgeous and serene, crowded wall to wall with wineries and Michigan's famous cherry orchards. I could definitely picture myself living there some day, if I should ever be so lucky.

For father's day afternoon we had a sailing excursion booked with the Traverse Tall Ship Co.  Wes was convinced our boat was a real live pirate ship. He was loving it, and the captain even let him help her steer for awhile. 

Also, did I mention it was an ice cream sail? Because, yeah, it was. That's the most important/brilliant part. They served us each up a scoop of Moomer's local black cherry and cookies and cream ice creams. The whole thing was so wonderful, and perfect and relaxing. Seriously though, Wes fell asleep right there on the boat. RELAXING.

After the sail we had a fancy shmancy dinner at Martha's in Sutton Bay (seeing as how it was father's day and all). Crab cakes, baked scallops and shrimp and crab etouffee. YES and THANK YOU. And finally to round off the day we headed back to the beach by our hotel to watch the sun set over Traverse City.

 That place, I tell you what,  is nothing but pure magic.

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