I now present to you the most incredibly Instagram worthy place on earth....

posted on: Thursday, August 8, 2019

Palm Springs!

Laguna Beach

One time I went to Laguna Beach and I didn't see Lauren or Kristin or Seth or Ryan or even Marissa but I DID see this

and so I really can't complain.


A little slice of heaven

Have you ever been to Santa Barbara?
Still coming to terms with the fact that some people actually get to live here all the time.

Some photos from San Francisco and Napa

I've been getting to spend lots of time in San Francisco for a fun project I'm working on. Below is a compilation of photos from many trips taken over the last year. Always, always grateful for a chance to spend time in this beautiful place.
one of the best meals ever at Rich Table
a ridiculously fun day spent at the Museum of Ice Cream
(and yes I did get fully inside the swimming pool of sprinkles)
and finally a couple shots from a gorgeous day in the Napa Valley


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