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posted on: Monday, February 5, 2018

when you tell Ever it's bedtime

I rarely post anymore but Ever has been saying so many funny things lately that I wanted to take a moment to get them down in writing before they slip away. This age, newly three, is such a good one. She is hilariously sassy, ridiculously dramatic and her own biggest fan.
-- She's started doing this thing when you tell her no where she says "I give you a deal" - as in, I'll make you a deal. The first time was when she wanted to sleep in our bed one night and we told her no. So she says "I give you a deal" and we're like, ok, what's the deal? And she just goes and gets in our bed and says "I sleep in your bed tonight."
That was it.
The next time this happened she wanted my phone to watch a video and I told her no. Then it was "I give you a deal...You let me watch sumpin' and then you go away."
Clearly the deck is stacked in her favor.
-- She must have heard the phrase BFF in a show or something and asked Josh what it meant the other day. He told her it means best friends forever and now she uses it regularly. As in, "you're my BFF, mommy" and when she's playing with her dolls she refers to them as BFF's
-- Another night after I took my phone from her because it was time for bed and time to turn off the video she was watching she loudly proclaimed through tears "YOU ARE WRECKIN' MY YIFE!" (life).  We have a loooooong road ahead of us if this only three.
-- When you ask her to tell you a story she always starts it with "One time, across the way..." instead of once upon a time.
-- Last weekend while she was busy putting together a puzzle my sister asked her to come into the other room to do something and she said "I can't. I am putting together a puzzle. I got a situation."
Oh baby girl, don't ever change.

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