Dayton For a Day

posted on: Friday, June 26, 2015

It's Friiiiiiiiday!!!!! My favorite day of the week. We're headed down to Columbus this weekend to visit friends and take the kids to COSI for the first time. So I figured I better go ahead and post these pictures from last weekend before I get too far behind. We went down to Dayton for father's day to see the airshow and visit with Josh's mom and stepdad who live there. Josh's two step brothers and our niece, Rory, were there for the weekend too. It was so cute watching the girls sort of play together as they're getting a little older now. Since neither one has a sister I really hope they can be close as they grow.

We woke Josh up early with presents on Sunday morning. I think his favorite thing was the portrait Wes made of him ;)

I promise no one told the boys to do this salute. Wes started it and Oren and followed his lead. So freaking cute.

Josh's stepdad works at the Dayton airport so we had passes for the friends and family pavilion. It was tricked out! A sandbox for the kids, a bounce house, a clown painting faces and making balloon animals. The kids were in heaven.

Josh's stepdad also used his sway to get the boys a private tour of one of the planes after it came down from it's portion of the show. I felt a little bad because a bunch of people saw the kids climbing around inside the plane and thought it was open for tours. Once a line started to form I was feeling really bad. But the pilot let them all down gently after the kids climbed down and the crown finally dispersed. They are the most spoiled, I'm telling you.

After the show we still had quite a few hours of daylight left so on a tip from a friend (thanks, Michelle!) we took the kids to Wegerzyn Gardens. This place was beautiful. The kids watered the flowers in the children's garden, soaked their feet in pond and begged to stay just five more minutes...about 20 times ;)

It was such a nice weekend getting to spend time together as a family. Here's hoping these kids of ours are making the type of memories they'll carry with them throughout their lives. So far, this summer is off to a great start.

Kicking Off Our Summer Bucket List

posted on: Monday, June 22, 2015

So I guess it's more accurate to say we started ticking off the items on our so-called summer bucket list last weekend with the parade but things are really getting going now. We aren't taking a big vacation this year since we're still paying down our hospital bills from Ever's delivery and we have Pre-K coming up for Oren to pay for this fall. (Which by the way, WUT?! I don't think I'm ready for this!) Instead we've planned a few weekends full of activities closer to home to scratch the vacation itch this year (which I intend to document in painstaking detail right here on ye ole blog for all of your enjoyment. #blessed.)  One of these days I promise I'm going to write a substantial post again. One that's more than just a photo dump, with words and coherent thoughts and everything! Somehow I just need to find the time. You may be asking, when is that going to happen, Emily? And to that all I have to say is...

Your guess is as good as mine. 

Saturday we had a very hipster morning consisting of a trip up to the Shaker Height's farmer's market followed by brunch with friends at Fire. And if that's not a blog-worthy combination then I don't know what is. ;)

Colin and Elizabeth were in town from chicago! This was their first time meeting Ever, and I think they hit it off quite well in fact. And don't they just look like naturals, though? :)

So that was our Saturday. By the time the food arrived I had a baby asleep in my arms and only one free hand to eat with. Which means I didn't even get any pictures of the spread! Which is a shame because it was a beautiful sight and even more delicious. When we got back home we quick packed our bags and headed down to Dayton for the airshow on Sunday. Those 237423478568 photos to follow. Just do me a favor and try to contain your excitement til then. 


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