When You Secretly Drive To Nashville With Your Whole Family to Surprise Your Baby Brother on His 30th Birthday.

posted on: Monday, February 13, 2017

And you rent an Airbnb for the weekend bringing along all the necessary party supplies including  but not limited to; balloons, an apple pie and your brother's favorite kind of birthday cake  (made with half homemade frosting and half canned).

and his amazing girlfriend helps you pull off the best surprise. 

 and your kids who are back home with your husband FaceTime your brother to wish him happy birthday and when it's over he he says his face hurts from smiling so much. 

and then, of course, you feast.

Then you wander around Nashville for the day buying souvenirs for the kiddos, a new guitar for Jeff, and just generally enjoying each other's company. Also marveling at the 70 degree weather and really wishing you could stay longer than a weekend. (Like, maybe until June?) Finally, you end the night with reservations at Nashville's very best restaurant and it does NOT disappoint.

Happy 30th birthday to my favorite brother! I am so lucky to have you. We love you, Ben!!!!

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