A Quick Visit to Chicago!

posted on: Saturday, March 26, 2016

Can you guys even believe that Easter is tomorrow? It always seems to sneak up on me when it happens in March right after St. Patrick's Day. I figured I'd squeak in this post before the Easter onslaught begins ;) These photos are from last weekend when we took the kids to Chicago for a few short days to meet brand new baby Juniper and visit with family outside of the city. 

The river still hanging on to that last bit of green hue from St. Patrick's Day 

                                The boys are so much bigger than the last time we took them! 

Shake. Shack.

and then...Juniper! 
pretty sure Ever thought she was a doll, and didn't like it one bit when we took her away from her

Thank you, Colin and Elizabeth, for sharing your baby, your baby's toys and your weekend with us.

It was pretty chilly out, but that didn't stop the kiddos from enjoying the neighborhood park. Like, really, really enjoying it. Ha.

They ran out even more energy once we got them home to the b-ball court. 

Any calories expended on the court were quickly replaced the next day when we met friends for brunch at Mindy's  

So I guess that's the only picture we got with Allison in it? And none with Matt. But we did however manage to get copious amounts of photos of the ten dollar mugs of hot chocolate, so... #priorities I guess. ;)

mushoom flatbread, brussel sprouts and poutine at Fork!

Oren could not have been any more excited about riding the train. It was adorable.

Group photo at the bean, as you do. Oren only partially participating.

And we had so much fun visting Maggie Daley Park for the first time. The boys would have spent the whole day there if we'd have let them. Also, this might be my favorite photo from the trip. Elizabeth snuggled up with Juniper in the carrier, looking off into the distance while Josh and Ever completely wipe out at the bottom of the slide in the background. 

Just a couple of dads with their daughters putting the hugest smile on this mama's face.

And there you have it. One more fantastic Chicago trip is in the books and I'm already counting down the days until the next time we visit. Back soon with photos from tomorrow, have a happy Easter, everyone!!!

St. Paddy's Day 2016

posted on: Thursday, March 24, 2016

The leprechaun traps were set and so was my alarm, for 5am. I snuck out of bed and located the two cans of silly string I'd hidden in my nightstand drawer. The boys had decided to sleep together in Wes's bed that night so I had both cans to use on one room. 

So, here's something shocking: You know what's incredibly loud and disruptive at 5am in the total stillness of your kid's bedroom? Two cans of neon green silly string unloading all over your sleeping children. 

I was juuuuuust about done when a heavy lidded Wes rolled my direction and seeing my shadow there hovering over him mumbled, "Mom? What's going on?" 

Oh shiiiiiiiittttttt....

"Look!" I exclaimed. "The leprechaun came last night and messed up your room!" I said whilst quietly trying to slip the cans onto the floor and kicking them toward the bed. "I was just getting ready for work and I walked by and saw it!"

"Really?!" he said excitedly stumbling out of bed and toward the light switch, covered in still wet silly string. 

And that was the year I almost got busted. 

(talk about the luck of the irish.)

Helllloooooo, March!

posted on: Tuesday, March 8, 2016

You guys! You guyyyyyssssss! We officially made it through the worst month of the year (I'm looking at you, February) and it was 70 degrees today, and the next ten days have nothing lower than 60 degrees in the forecast and I hereby declare winter officially OVER! We are moving on. It is March now and spring fever is here to stay. 

Ever knows.

(And listen here, Ohio. Do not make me eat my words in eleven days or I swear to god I will stop defending you to everyone who wants to move away. No. More. Snow.)

So, March! I'm calling this month baby month because I get to hang out with four fresh babies over the next few weeks. Two of which are still currently inutero and due any time now. There's not much that can top that excitement. Little Scout got the honors of kicking off baby month by coming to stay the weekend. She brought along her parents and her big sister too. We were all pretty thrilled.

We also got the honor of being able to attend a surprise 30th birthday party for everyone's favorite Aunt Nikki the same weekend. I'm telling you, March is good stuff.

How's your March been so far? 

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