Fun in the Sun (Plus a Pastrami Sandwich for Breakfast)

posted on: Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday after exploring the dunes we set off for Glen Arbor and headed to crystal river outfitters for an evening of kayaking and canoeing. Wes loved every minute of it. He helped paddle the canoe, pointed out birds and dragonflies and at every portage he got out and waded around the river like a little fish.

The next morning was father's day and Josh picked the cutest little restaurant I've ever been to, Frenchie's, named after the owner and chef.  The place has a max occupancy of 10. It was TINY. We joked that in the summer when people can sit at the two little tables outside, his workload must double. There are only about 10 items to choose from total, but with as good as each one is, there's really no need for more. 

I'd read that the house made pastrami sandwich was basically transcendental and far and away the best thing on the menu. So, even though it was only 10:30 when we arrived, good old Frenchie obliged me with a pastrami sandwich for breakfast. 

Don't judge, yo.

P.S. the reviews were right. That sandwich was heavenly. It had Frenchie's own secret recipe honey mustard sauce and was served on freshly baked homemade bread. I'm drooling just thinking about it. 
(Also, don't mind the corner of the sandwich missing that Oren immediately hijacked the second the plate hit the table. The boy's got good instincts, what can I say?)

Afterwards, we headed up the peninsula that extends out into the Grand Traverse Bay all the way out to Old Mission State Park to admire the lighthouse and the gorgeous rocky coastline. 

The landscape out on the peninsula was gorgeous and serene, crowded wall to wall with wineries and Michigan's famous cherry orchards. I could definitely picture myself living there some day, if I should ever be so lucky.

For father's day afternoon we had a sailing excursion booked with the Traverse Tall Ship Co.  Wes was convinced our boat was a real live pirate ship. He was loving it, and the captain even let him help her steer for awhile. 

Also, did I mention it was an ice cream sail? Because, yeah, it was. That's the most important/brilliant part. They served us each up a scoop of Moomer's local black cherry and cookies and cream ice creams. The whole thing was so wonderful, and perfect and relaxing. Seriously though, Wes fell asleep right there on the boat. RELAXING.

After the sail we had a fancy shmancy dinner at Martha's in Sutton Bay (seeing as how it was father's day and all). Crab cakes, baked scallops and shrimp and crab etouffee. YES and THANK YOU. And finally to round off the day we headed back to the beach by our hotel to watch the sun set over Traverse City.

 That place, I tell you what,  is nothing but pure magic.


  1. you mean, "pure Michigan," right?

    also, what about our quick little 45 minute swim to appease wes that day? no photos? hahah

  2. I'm ready to head up there for all the food! Good grief! The rest all looks pretty sweet too!


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