A Quick Little Hello

posted on: Tuesday, September 11, 2012

wow. once i downloaded this from my little iphone screen on to my computer i discovered just how flattering this photo of myself really is. yeesh. (still better than my new driver's license photo though. somehow it managed to be even worse than the last picture which was taken just 6 days prior to giving birth to wes in all my bloated, puffy, pregnant faced glory. i didn't even know that was possible - positively horrifying. )
hi.....so, it appears I've gone a whole week here with out posting (if you're still even checking this thing, that is). My bad. I will say in my defense, I have been without a computer since it needed to be sent away for repairs and it just came back last night and it's a little difficult to blog without a computer, ya know? Also, I've been a tad pre-occupied since Abby started school and got new job and my brother moved away. I've been having enough sympathy anxiety for the both of them combined. Also, in the exciting arena of dental news (!!!) both Oren and I are cutting teeth at the same time, awwwww. Him: molars, me: wisdom. So no sleep for either of us and an October surgery scheduled for me. I'll let you guess which one of us has been crying more in the last week. (here's a hint - it's a tie). I think I'm the oldest person in the history of the world to just now be having my wisdom teeth removed. I so thought I had dodged this bullet years ago, but apparently not.
Ok, enough with all of that, my quota has been reached on complaining. Starting tomorrow I can hopefully get back to business as usual over here. Meaning, tomorrow, expect mass amounts of pictures of my kids and ice cream. More specifically, my kids eating ice cream. You know how I do.


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