Chicago. The Wedding.

posted on: Thursday, January 3, 2013

In which a Brown became a Morris.

Our fantastic friends Colin and Elizabeth were married in Chicago on the eve of new years eve and we were privileged enough to be a part of it. Wes was asked to be assistant to the flower girl and Josh and I were honored to do a reading on companionship during the ceremony. These humble little photos of the night were taken by me (and a few by Abby and Josh too) but if I manage to get my hands on any of the professional photos of the event you can be sure there will be a part II.

Congratulations again to the new Mr. and Mrs. We love you guys!


  1. Thank you, Emily. So beautiful and here was the first photo I have seen of Colin with me. You two were so wonderful this past weekend and certainly helped Elizabeth and Colin to enjoy their wedding even more. We love you and appreciate so much the effort you all made on Colin's and Elizabeth's behalf.
    He is lucky to have such sweet friends.
    xo Cherie

  2. Emily,
    Thank you for sharing! I have to admit that I'm in a bit of a lull these past few days, after all the hype leading up to the big event, then the departure of the happy couple and no photos to help us reminisce. This is proof there really WAS a wedding and it wasn't just a dream. Have you seen honeymoon photos? I'm loving those too, except for the sweater Elizabeth is sporting that she apparently snagged from my closet without asking :( Wes was an adorable little pine needle scatterer and you are an adorable family. Happy 2013 to you and Josh and the boys.
    Fondly, Anita

    1. I am also loving the honeymoon pictures and twitter updates. But Elizabeth mentioned they were getting tired of Mexican food? I'm just not sure how that's even possible...haha


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