Oren's Train Birthday Party

posted on: Monday, April 22, 2013

So, about a month ago when I started planning Oren's 2nd birthday party he was REALLY into trains. He still is, but not quite to the level of obsession he has recently developed for batman. Meaning, it should have been a batman themed party but it was a little too late to switch gears. He did however wear his favorite batman shirt and superhero cape for most of the party, so, you know.

Anyway, we had so much help pulling off this party, as we always do. Abby helped me make the decorations and she made all of the delicious cupcakes. We also had a taco bar this year and she helped me make all the food for that as well. Lisa came over early and swept my floor and set up the tables. Josh's mom let us borrow her crock pots and other serving stuff. My mom made her famous chocolate-cherry cupcakes and brought over extra folding chairs. And I had the cake made by a local bakery. I mean, it takes a village, right?

So we owe a big THANK YOU to everyone for coming out and showing so much love to our brand new two year old, and to our wonderful families for helping us give our little man yet another spectacular birthday celebration.  We are lucky, lucky, lucky ducks.

Also, Colin and Elizabeth win for best birthday card...

nailed it.


  1. That party was just perfect! You did an amazing job!

    Thanks for the blog comment...we posted our gender reveal this morning =)



  2. aww that bunting is seriously the cutest i've seen prob ever! looks like such a fun little party for the cute little guy!


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