From the mouths of babes

posted on: Thursday, April 9, 2015

So a few weekends ago my friend Lauren was in town visiting and we were cracking up at something one of the kids said and she gave me some great advice. She said the best thing you can do for your kids is to get a notebook and write down all the silly or sweet things they say so they (and you!) can read back through them one day and remember all those little moments you might otherwise forget. Brilliant, right?
I thought today I'd share a few of the hilarious things that have been heard coming out of Oren Henry's mouth of late. (Thanks to Josh and Abby for contributing to this list as well ;)
Oh, and the format of this post is blatantly stolen from Annie, because her "spoken in the shop" posts are always, always, always my favorite!
On spicy food:
Me: Oren, why are you spitting your food out?
Oren: I got a pep in that bite
On april fools:
Oren: Dad, you have mud on your seat...
Josh: I do?
Oren: APRIL!!!! Hahahahaha!!!!
On birthdays:
Oren: All I want for my birthday present is you so I can unwrap you and love you forever!
On nicknames:
Oren: My favorite teenager mutant ninja turtle is Ralph.
On tag removal:
Oren: Mooooom, somethin' in my shirt is daggin' me!
On deep thoughts:
Abby: Whatcha thinking about, buddy?
Oren: Thinkin' ride a hammerhead shark.
On efficiency:
Oren: Can you hold me? Cuz I'm a slow poke and you're a fast poke.
On stranger danger:
Woman smiles at Oren at the coffee shop
Oren: (Loudly) Why that lady make that faaaace?
On conservation:
Oren: Sometimes I just lick my boogers, and put them back in my nose.


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