A Weekend with Friends!

posted on: Sunday, September 25, 2016

We just had the best weekend with Julie, Jordyn and baby Scout! Julie brought the girls up Saturday morning so we could all spend the day/night together. The kids spent the day playing in the creek, playing at the park and playing in the back yard. Making face paint out of wet chalk and forming a secret hideout behind the shed. Doing exactly the things kids should be doing on a beautiful September day. Julie and I played with the babies all day and watched as they explored together, both the same age for a few more weeks when Ever graduates to year two. Abby and Jeff came over and we made our own pizzas for dinner and then caramel sauce for homemade caramel apples for dessert. The kids hitched a tent in Oren's room and told ghost stories until we made them finally go to sleep. It was a slow, rejuvenating weekend at home with good friends that I hope leaves a few lasting memories for our kids of a childhood well spent.

hope your weekend was as sweet at ours.


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