68 Photos of Nashville

posted on: Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Because if there's one thing this blog is good for (?) it's way too many photos. We just got back from Nashville in the wee hours of the morning yesterday, back from visiting my brother and from eating all the food. I miss Ben already. And the food too. I definitely miss the food. It was a good, good weekend. I had a few concerns going in - we were taking the boys and although they're usually really great on car rides, 8.5 hours in one go was the longest we had ever clocked with the two of them in tow. But they did great! Truly, not a peep out of either of them the whole way there and back. ipad for the win! And driving through the night for part of each way helped because they were able to sleep through a few of those long and agonizing hours on the back end.

Also, the weather. I honestly don't know what I was thinking when I planned this weekend other than it was just the only timing that seemed to work for everyone - but Nashville? In July? While 6 months pregnant? H-O-T. I was panicking a little last week when I'd check my weather app for the current temperature in Nashville and it was reporting daily 97, 98 degrees...

But luck was on our side because a little cold front came through and the weather ended up being absolutely perfect. It was still hovering around 80 degrees the whole time we were there, but that's no different than a typical July day here, so it was definitely manageable. We were outdoors almost the whole weekend so the slightly overcast skies helped and we were pretty darn grateful to be so comfortable when we could have easily been so miserable.  

So thanks, Nashville! I knew I liked you!

oh, and here's where all the food pics start ;)

^^^me, lookin super pregnant whilst channeling Johnny Cash + having zero skin color to speak of^^^

the most fun park right downtown with splash pad, killer views and the best part - it was FREE!
Hattie B's hot chicken + popsicles from Las Paletas at Hot & Cold
obligatory southern dinner at Monell's and sunday brunch at Margot. Still dreaming of those blackberry + cornmeal pancakes btw.
Um, a stroganoff burger and german potato salad? Okaaaay, I think I will!

Last time we visited we got to do some of the more grown up activities the city has to offer (like tour the Ryman and see a bluegrass show) but with the boys along for the trip this time we had to find a few kid friendly ways to spend our days. Insert, the botanical gardens.  

This place was SO beautiful. The gardens and grounds were amazing and they have tons of stuff for kids to do. They were running a "big bugs" exhibit with gigantic bug sculptures incorporated into the scenery which the boys completely ate up. They had a tree house, an outdoor toy train exhibit and for the grown ups, an Andy Warhol exhibit inside the old restored mansion turned art gallery on the grounds. There was definitely something for everyone.

Until next time, Nashville! Thanks for treating us so well!


  1. I could look at these pictures ALL DAY LONG! So may great ones for the fridge! : ) I miss Nashville, but mostly I miss my Benjamin! So happy you guys all got to hang out! xoxo


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