That time when

posted on: Tuesday, June 9, 2015

you go to post something on instagram and start browsing through all your old photos and realize how much your kids have grown and then get all teary eyed over a stupid app and then somehow you're back to your very first post and you realize you've been using instagram for 46 months and wow, that's a long time so you just decide to do a spur of the moment blog post with all your favorite photos of your kids for the past four years. 

That's roughly how this went.

^^^ remember when we used to use all these frames around our photos?!^^^
oh! and we still used to edit and filter photos IN instagram?!

^^^ my first whitagram! no longer bound by the restraints of the square! ^^^
(ps. how dated is this post going to seem in like, two years? my guess? very.)


so that was a thing I did. you're welcome?


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