Ever Climbs the Stairs

posted on: Thursday, September 24, 2015

Oh, what's that? You were hoping I'd do an entire post today of just pictures of Ever climbing our stairs? That is so completely necessary and important, why hadn't I thought of it myself? Well, consider me at your service. 

Really these are just a bunch of photos from Monday when I was home with baby girl and she was doing her favorite activity, which is climbing the stairs, and she was just so dang happy to be doing it that I had to whip out the good camera and capture the moment. Also, I'm leaving town tomorrow for Chicago and it will be my first time away from her overnight. I can't really talk about it. I just know that while I'm out "enjoying a weekend away with my husband" I'll have these to scroll through obsessively as I count down the minutes until our return ;)

Just kidding. I'm stoked to be going. I love my husband. But that baby though...

with the tongue and the smiles and the belly hanging out over the pants? Well, she makes staying home look pretttttyyyyy good....


  1. Oh my gosh.. that belly and those looks! She looks so proud of herself. And yes, stair climbing is totally the best activity - according to babies. Hope you have a great weekend away! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)


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