Some Photos from Lately

posted on: Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Things that have gotten harder to do since having three children; keeping a clean house, leaving the house secure in the fact that everyone has shoes on, netflix, knowing my bra size, snapchat, cooking, staying up past 8pm and blogging. But here I am friends, fighting the good fight. And I even socialized with grown ups over the weekend. We even cooked. (alright, Abby cooked.)


And Adam had a birthday and a baby. He and Julie invited us down to Granville for his birthday/meet the baby party. Even though I had already met sweet little Scout I couldn't wait to get my hands on her again. Oh, the sweet smell of newborns. And this one is particularly enchanting. You done good, guys. Reeeeeeal good.

 The boys were SO EXCITED so spend the day with Jordyn.

I walked in to find the kids doing face painting and Jordyn was even painting Ever's face! I was shocked at how still she sat through the whole thing. Ev had the most serious look on her face the entire time and just let J go to town decorating her face with color after color. It was amazing.

 Jordyn already has this big sister thing on lock. Look at Ever just staring up at her in admiration!

Scout is one very lucky little lady. I'm just so in love with this tiny girl who looks just exactly like her daddy. She even wore the outfit I got her for her big coming out party! I am totally smitten. I could have just bundled her up and taken her home with me. But in the interest of not destroying friendships aaaaaaand facing possible jail time I settled for an afternoon of snuggles and smiles with her instead. Welcome to the world, Josephine Scout. I sure am happy you're here.


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