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posted on: Thursday, August 8, 2019

I just wrapped up two long projects I had been working on in LA and don't anticipate many more trips to La-La-Land in the very near future. I had been there so often over the last two years that my google photos app made me a photo video collage entitled "Your Life In Los Angeles"

I figured it was about time to preserve some of my favorite memories here for posterity

Obligatory views from the Griffith Observatory
And below, some shots of maaaaaaybe my favorite spot in LA, the Getty. If you're ever in LA this is an absolute must see. Plus you get to ride a funicular up from the parking lot! ;)

and some shots from some iconic spots around town
One of the most memorable meals of my life inside the infamous Chateau Marmont
Santa Monica Beach and dinner at the Ivy at the Shore above
and of course; the Rainbow below
Breakfast in the INCREDIBLE Fountain Coffee Room tucked away under the Beverly Hills Hotel
 lunch in a greenhouse at Openaire

LACMA and watching Cameron and Rhea do their thing at Put Your Hands Together

 The Brady Bunch house which was a bit...underwhelming haha
 Winsome / The Last Bookstore

Yayoi Kusama's inimitable Infinity Mirror rooms and some more shots of the amazing collection at the Broad

The gardens at the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills
Venice Beach!
By far my favorite part of Venice were the canals. Can you imagine living here in this little patch of paradise in the middle of a big city?

And of course saving the best for last - my favorite memory was a trip in to Pasadena to see the Father of the Bride house. It is EXACTLY the same as it was in the movie and perfect in every way. I can't believe someone gets to live here and that person is not me. What a dream.

Not pictured but equally memorable:
1. Dinner at a dark and cozy Italian restaurant downtown where - if you order the Cacio e Pepe they roll a cart over and dump fresh, hot noodles into a wheel of pecorino the size of your head and make the dish tableside while you watch.
2. Winding drives through Laurel Canyon and delicious meals at Pace
3. Dinner at Mr. Chow (SO GOOD) and sitting one table away from Mr. LL Cool J himself - haha
4. Driving through Burbank and passing major studio after major studio is a little surreal 
5. The oddness of the Le Brea tar pits and the oil fields full of nodding donkeys scattered all over the city
6. The 2 hour drive in bumper to bumper traffic to get ten miles across town -  memorable to say the least.



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