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posted on: Monday, March 28, 2011

We are slowly recovering from what may have been one of the worst weekends to go down in Booth family history.  We were sick, sick, sick - and still are. And it would be oh so easy to just sit down and write about how terrible it all was/is and how I'm sick of feeling awful and how mostly I just miss the taste of food. (I have been so congested I haven't been able to taste a thing in three days. No amount of hot sauce is making it any better and I'm beginning to fear it's permanent. Please tell me this has happened to you and your sense of taste and smell came back eventually... It has to - right?!)
But, instead of complaining (anymore than I already have - you see what I did there?) I decided to take a cue from one of the lovely blogs I follow and make a list of 10 things that make me happy (in no particular order).  So, as Naomi would say, Here's to happiness...

1. Traveling with my husband - especially anywhere we can snorkel
2. New furniture
3. Hearing Wes sing (when he doesn't know I'm listening)
4. Treats - ice cream sundaes, chocolate chip cookie dough, peach pie and anything my sister bakes
5. A calendar full of things to look forward to
6. The first signs of the seasons changing
7. Dinner with family
8. Easy days at the office when the boss is away
9. Popcorn at the movies
10. A clean house

What are ten things that make you happy? 


  1. 1. You
    2. You
    3. You
    4. You
    5. Wes
    6. You
    7. You
    8. You
    9. You
    10. You

  2. Josh's response just about made me cry! AWESOME!
    I was going to put all 10 as "my most awesome family".

  3. Awww, thanks Josh :)
    I'm feeling a little ripped off by #5 though...

  4. 1. Hangouts
    2. Spreadsheets
    3. Dance pop
    4. Stick shift
    5. Google Apps
    6. Hangouts
    7. Lady friend
    8. Friends' babies
    9. Abby's treats
    10. Watching romanticized womanizing on TV with women folk.

  5. Colin, I like how Hangouts made the list twice :)


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