I Have a Manly Husband

posted on: Sunday, March 20, 2011

I somehow conned Josh into taking everything we had already set up in the nursery, back out of the nursery - so he could spend his weekend refinishing the hardwood floor. I'm still not sure how I did it. (I think I might have super powers or something). And he didn't even whine, sigh or roll his eyes that much. I think he must secretly like flexing his manhood muscles and taking on the occasional do-it-yourself home repair. And guess what? He did a really good job!!! (not that I ever doubted he would, of course)

check it!

And since the upstairs was basically off limits to all women and children (due to the toxic fumes) we came up with a creative sleeping arrangement for the weekend.

Fort, anyone?

 (To be honest this was probably the most uncomfortable sleeping situation 
I could have possibly dreamed up, but hey, we had fun and Wes loooooved it)


By far, the most exciting thing to happen this weekend was none of the above, it was this...

I got my car detailed! I GOT MY CAR DETAILED! 
and it is sooooo beautiful

(Please note the absence of any and all dog hair)

(Please note the absence of any and all crushed up goldfish crackers)

Best $150 I have ever spent. And, if the fumes are still bad tonight - I'm sleeping in here


  1. 1) "Manly" isn't the first word I'd think of to describe Josh...
    2) But he IS wearing my favorite jeans in that picture...
    3) Wes is cute, and I'd sleep in that fort with him anytime!


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