Mommy-Wes Day

posted on: Monday, September 26, 2011

Wes and I spent some quality one on one time together Saturday when I took him to the Natural History Museum to meet Dr. Scott the paleontologist from Dinosaur Train. That show has been Weston's favorite since forever --- since as long as Wes has been able to have a favorite show in his whole three years of life. And he was so totally pumped to meet Dr. Scott - a major celebrity for the 5 and under crowd. He's like the Michael Jackson of kids (err, probably not the best analogy) but if you ask Wes, he's like "rully, rully, rully cool."

...just one look at the guy and there's no denying his star power

and after some rigorous testing, he even certified Wes as a Junior Paleontologist. Thanks, Dr. Scott!

It was awesome.

No, really, it was. I loved spending the day with my little guy, just the two of us. He's the best, ever.

ever. ever. ever.

more days like this, please.

(and thank you)


  1. That picture of him with his certificate and his colored crown is so cute!


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