Cedar Point, Blogged

posted on: Thursday, September 15, 2011

What's the worst possible decision to make before spending the day at the roller coaster capital of the world?

You eat this.

Followed by this.

I am a poor decision maker.

I mean, let's be real here, any trip to Cedar Point is as much about eating insane amounts of park food as it is about riding the rides... (mostly for Adam though, see the last trip here)... but this was before we even got there.

Two roller coasters in and I was a hot mess. Thankfully, a few trips around the park on the good old timey train allowed time to let my stomache settle so I could enjoy the rest of the day.

And then it turned out to be so much fun! It was supposed to rain that day and it's the off season and it was September 11th. So what seemed to be the perfect recipe for a bad day at Cedar Point turned out to be the secret recipe for the best day at Cedar Point EVER. bwahahahaha!!!! NO LINES and not a drop of rain.

We win.

There was a lot of roller coaster ridin'

and even more eating

but mostly peace signs.

Then those crazy boys rode the Top Thrill Dragster

Abby and I rode the scrambler.

P.S. Today is Adam's 30th birthday! If you see him today make sure you tell him happy birthday and throw him a peace sign for me. We are so lucky to have a friend like him in our lives.

like I said, we win.


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