Whhaa Whhaa Whhaa Whaaat?!

posted on: Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dudes! I'm only two posts away from my 100th blog post. How did that happen? It seems like I just started this silly little blog. I feel like I should do a special post of some sort for the occasion, but I'm not sure what it should entail. So, to my three or four lovely and devoted readers out there, I will leave it up to you...any special requests?

(if not, josh will be the only one voting and he will surely think it should be a post about him, so just sayin' unless you want to read all about the amazing-ness that is Josh Booth you better start brain storming)


  1. I vote Josh. Definitely about Josh.

  2. Me, (another) post about your awesome mother! It would be great. Besides, I am MUCH more amazing than that Josh Booth guy!

  3. You should do a clips episode. That's what all the shows do.

  4. Ben and I suggest a "is being a mom better or worse than..." post.

    Josh will get a post on his birthday!


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