All I Got For Christmas Was This Stinking Cold

posted on: Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I was just thinking the other day how long it had been since I was sick. The last cold I remember having I was still pregnant and that little bugger just turned 8 months old on Monday. And then, t-minus 5 days til Christmas - it hit me.


So here I sit, with a wad of tissue wedged up my right nostril, nursing a cup of hot tea and wondering what I did to deserve this.

The worst things about having a cold are:

1. I can't smell or taste anything. Happens everytime and at even just the first hint of a cold my olfactory senses disappear completely. First thing to go, always. And we had blt's for dinner last night, so that was particularly unfortunate timing.

2. I have a hard time not smothering my children in kisses when I'm contagious. Especially Ori because he likes to grab my face and make out with wet, slobbery, open mouthed baby kisses. But the last thing we need is a teething baby with a cold to boot on his first christmas.

3. I can't smell Oren's baby smell. Possibly, the harshest symptom of all. Fresh out of the bath last night and into some Dreft washed jammies and nothing. Couldn't smell a thing. Oh! The injustice of it all!

Anyway, before the cold took over I was really rocking christmas this week. Mass quantities of cookies were baked and consumed, and I wrapped and ribboned a mountain of presents.

I even managed to sneak away for a evening out with my girlfriends for a fun dinner at Deagan's in Lakewood. If you go, (and you should) do yourself a favor and order the spicy shrimp tacos. Thank god I still had my sense of taste about me Sunday night.

just a fraction of the presents wrapped this weekend

 just a fraction of the butter used this weekend

 just a fraction of the cookies made this weekend

 (inappropriate cookies made but not shown)

here's a better idea of what i'm talking about

 Deagan's was in the holiday spirit

 and finally - tacos! (compliments of the cilantro gods)

go get 'em if you know what's good for ya


  1. Chase your tea with cold syrup and a nap. Surefire way to cute it all.

    Also your presents are so neatly wrapped and your cookies look delish!

  2. Deagan's Taco Tuesday is the best! Hope you feel better :/

  3. I'm still stuffing tissues up my nose 3 weeks and counting. Hope you get over the worst of it by this weekend!

  4. LUCHY you. Anyway, merry christmas.


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