Christmas Day

posted on: Friday, December 30, 2011

christmas day was a present opening fiasco
that is, after we had to WAKE WES UP!
the gall that kid has to sleep in on christmas morning
i don't know who he thinks he is...
anyway, here we are instagramming ourselves while waiting
very impatiently.

but when we finally made it downstairs we found that santa
had come to our house and brought lots of fun stuff.
(among other things) a leap pad, board games and all the
necessary accessories were left for our resident pirate.
a sophie the giraffe, a cute little dump trunk and lots of zara baby
clothes for the little one (santa has really good taste).
mama and daddy didn't make out so bad either (hello, frye boots!)

aaaaaand he's done.

as marisa would say, now i can get my lisbeth salander on

then we hopped in the car and headed off to my mom and stepdad's house
so many presents

things were going so well...
until my stepbrother got this really scary camoflage knife thingy

and that's when it started to get weird.

ahhh, christmas.

after a delicious lunch at my aunt and uncle's house,
our final stop was Josh's mom amd stepdad's

for more presents.

did i mention my kid is obsessed with angry birds?

and there you have it, christmas 2011
(only 361 more days til the next one...and counting)


  1. I am most excited by the picture of Maeby in the tunnel. I'm about to buy a tunnel for Minerva.

  2. Oh man - the angry pirate face is the BEST! Seriously! hahaha You guys made out on all the presents! I agree with Marisa - Maeby in the tunnel.....sooo cute!

  3. @Marisa she loves it! You need a tunnel? we got tunnels. Minerva is welcome to borrow one anytime!


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