The Baby Got a Tooth! (and other things no one other than his parents care about)

posted on: Friday, December 16, 2011

This right here is the beauty of having a blog. I can look back one day and say, yep that was the day - December 16th, 2011, seven and three-quarters months old. The day Oren got his first tooth. Unlike how I respond now when someone asks me a similar question about Wes, which is usually, "uhhh, sometime between birth and 1 year old...?" I'm bad at remembering dates and ages, sorry. All I know is it was much later than this little toothy guy here. Can you see it in there? It's barely visible, but it's there, the bottom front right tooth. The left is not too far behind either, I can tell it's on the verge of breaking through. I wish this boy would slow down already, but he seems bent on outdoing Wes at every turn. And I thought Wes was ahead of the curve as a baby. (By the way, that's sweet potatoes all over his face. I could only get him to open up wide for the picture by shoveling food into his mouth. Also, in case you were wondering - the bib says, "my dad is killer." It's a Dexter thing.)

In other baby related news, we only like to do this now...

Standing, it's all that's acceptable. All other states of being offend him deeply. No more sitting, army crawling is the worst, and DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT LAYING HIM DOWN.

and as for Wes, well, we play pirates alot. Sword fighting, walking the plank, buried treasure, you know the routine. And he's decided he hates girls and they all smell like raspberries (this being an insult in his world). Only little girls though...big girls are still okay, so I'm safe (for now).

And his new thing is to get on the ipad, go on YouTube and watch videos people have uploaded of themselves playing and beating video games. I don't even know what to with this information. What is that? How is it entertaining? I may never understand three year old boys. But I guess it's not really bad, so I just let him do it and hope it's not killing too many of his hard earned brain cells baby einstein and I have worked dilligently to culitvate.

Oh, and then there's this. We watch it about 50 times a day at our house, so I thought I'd share.

You're welcome.


  1. peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat! and awww!! i loveeee babies/kids! my nephew loves going on youtube and watching other ppl play video games too, lol. so cute! hope your week is going well <3

    love, jamie


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