Bathtub Sessions (The Pirate Addition)

posted on: Sunday, February 19, 2012

Since Oren's been so sick the past few days I've found one of the only things that really helps cheer him up is a good old fashioned bath. He loves bath time and has been getting two a day all week long just to help him through this sad time. As you can see, bath time at our house requires any number of toys and other random non-bath paraphernalia. But hey, whatever keeps them happy, right? 

On Friday when I was home from work with my sick little guy, we sent Wes to his regular babysitter's so he could play with his friends and get out some energy since he'd been stuck inside with us all week long. Oren was having a particularly rough day and didn't want to be put down for even a minute. I was on day number two without a shower and desperate for one, so I decided to take him in with me, for better or for worse. I figured all the steam from the shower would probably help clear up his stuffy sinuses and I'd be cleaner than when I got in if nothing else. 

At first he wasn't sure about the whole thing, he was interested but nervous. I held him close and eased him into the falling water. Whispering reassurances in his ear and rubbing his back. He wrapped his little arms around my neck and held on so tight. After a few minutes he got brave enough to let go of me with one of his arms and reached out for the water with his little hand. He watched in wonder as he tried to hold onto the streaming water but it slipped right though his fingers. Smiling and giggling he reached out with both hands, clapping and splashing in the water, finally happy.

It was one of the sweetest moments I've ever shared with him. His tiny warm body wrapped around mine, his head on my shoulder. Feeling his nervousness and total trust in me to keep him safe. And then, slowly watching him get up the courage in himself to let go and discover something new. I watched the little drops of water collect on the ends of his long eyelashes as he babbled and smiled, holding my face in his chubby little hands and twirling the wet strands of my hair in his fingers. It was one of those times I knew I would remember forever. An extraordinary moment in the most ordinary of settings. I know it was just a shower, but it felt like so much more. 


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