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posted on: Friday, February 17, 2012

So, Oren's sick again. It's kind of unbelievable, actually. I'm almost to the point where I feel like this is just my life from now on. Like this is just how it goes now, someone (or everyone) in this house will just always be sick and miserable. We can't make plans or leave the house anymore and I'm missing my third day of work this week to be home with the poor guy. I took him to the doctor (again) and he said it's just another virus (again), along with croup and a minor ear infection. He also puked in my hair and has had no less than three diaper blowouts in the last 48 hours alone. (So, is it really too late to reconsider this whole "parenting" thing?...yeah, I thought you were going to say that). But I guess that's just February for you. (Quickly becoming my least favorite month of them all). Next year I'm telling you, I am going to find a way to skip it altogether and go straight to March.

It hasn't been all bad though, Valentine's Day turned out pretty good, actually. Oren was just starting to feel under the weather but the $80 worth of presents I got the boys (yes, I have a problem and it's name is Target) and mountains of godiva filled chocolate chunk cookies seemed to be enough to smooth things over for at least one evening.

And then, then we found out about the greatest thing ever! The one, solitary bright spot in this wretched week, and that would be the fact that there is a superhero tumbling/dance class for 3-5 year old boys offered right down the road from us. Yeah, you heard me. A freaking superhero class. You know, where a bunch of little boys dress up as superheroes every Thursday night and learn a bunch of sweet superhero moves that they practice on each other. Needless to say we signed Wes up immediately just for the opportunity to witness the most adorable thing ever seen by man. Oh wait, no, that will be the first weekend in June when they put on a choreographed show. Holy. Cuteness. Batman.

 already practicing his sweet moves after class

Also, while I was there, I met my soulmate parents. Seriously. We were all talking about our kids and their fondness for superheroes when the following conversation occurred. 

Other Mom: "Yeah, Conner's been watching the old 1967 Spider-man cartoons on Netflix constantly"

Me: "No way, Wes too! And he makes us act it all out, I have to pretend to be Firestar every single day and poor Oren has to be Iceman."

Other Dad: "Oh, you must have moved on to the 1980s and episodes of Spider-man and His Amazing Friends. Yeah, my kid watches that all the time. It's terrible."

Me: "YES, that's the show! It's really awful, right?!"

Other Mom: "Yes! Oh my god, we need to set up a play date immediately."

It was amazing. I had no idea any other person was subjected to the daily debauchery that is Spider-man and His Amazing Friends. There was no doubt about it, these were my people. 

And then totally unrelated...but in keeping with the my-kid-is-too-cute-for-his-own-good theme...behold. Wes, break dancing (unprompted) in pajamas to a rap cover of a Drake song done by my brother (as an inside joke/valentine's day gift for Marisa). I freaking love this kid. Makes the snot and diaper changes and all the other treachery of parenthood so worth it for moments like this. Guess I'll keep them after all.

(sorry for the crappy portrait style video. I might learn how to use technology properly one day.
But probably not.)


  1. Ok.........#1 I have to see this super hero class....that sounds amazing!!! #2 Super Friends IS in fact amazing #3 Wes' break dancing IS the best thing of 2012

  2. Wes break dancing - to Ben rapping nonetheless, as awesome as it gets! BTW, the cookies look SOOO GOOOOD!

  3. @Adam YES to all of that! Except maybe that Super Friends is amazing. Come watch it for 4 weeks straight and then tell me how you feel about it ;)


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