The Post That Refused to be Written

posted on: Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I started this post right after we got home from Cincinnati, you know, back when it was still January. Then the heavens decided to smite our family for some untold sin (we're sorry! we swear it!) and the last ten days have been a series of miserable events, one after another, each one more miserable than the last.

It went something like colds...fever...flu...SNOT...dr appointments...sinus infection...prescriptions...two days missed work...coughing...vomit...panic attack...trip to ER...dehydration...IV fluids...sweating/shivering/ sweating/shivering...aaaand dentist appointments?...yup, dentist appointments. Then to top it all off the internet was down for the last two days. I'm telling you, this tale did not want told.

But, I persevere! Our trip to Cincy will not be forgot! It had it's good moments, from what I can remember. The ride down was a breeze, both boys were on their best behavior. We were all really excited about getting to visit with my aunt, uncle and cousins who live there. We met up with them the first day and after treating us to a nice lunch at their home we spent the afternoon at the Cincinnati museum center letting the kids tear it up the children's museum. It was really awesome, and I so wish we had a museum like that in Akron. It was after we left their good company that the trip took a turn for the worse. Oren revolted against his car seat. Restaurants we planned on eating in were closed. Wes was tired and crabby and we ended up spending the night in our hotel room eating $60 worth of chicken nuggets and hamburgers from room service.
Not quite the evening we had envisioned.

We hoped the next day would be a fresh start and it started out ok...We took a drive through the Spring Grove Cemetary and Arboretum  which sounds kind of creepy, being a cemetary and all, but is really quite beautiful and I bet is nothing short of stunning in the spring and summer. But then of course Wes started in with the crying and complaints of boredom, so we headed on to the next destination...brunch at Take the Cake. It was as good as we had heard and much needed after the sad dinner the night before. Unfortunately, brunch was cut short when we had to carry Wes out of the place kicking and screaming because we asked him to use his fork. Melt down of the century, people. It was so embarrassing. All I can say is, thank god we do not live in that town and we will never ever have to see those people again. Also, if you ever go there, you have to try the shrimp and grits because OMG, divine! (Just leave the screaming toddler at home). After that episode we threw in the towel on the trip and high tailed it back home as fast as we could get there.

Thanks Cincinnati, we'll have to do it again sometime. Just not anytime soon. And maybe without Wes next time. Just kidding (kind of), but I would love to see more of the place. I feel like we barely got to scratch the surface of what the city has to offer and I think it's probably pretty great.

it was just a fluke we stayed at the westin, we did the name your own price
thing on priceline and that's what we got. wes was thrilled! (the indoor pool didn't hurt either)
see, he CAN use a fork, really!


  1. By looking at the pictures, it looks like it was an entirely awesome weekend! Maybe next time! #forks

  2. Those are 5 of the cutest kids around. I always crack up when I hear you call Laura and Dave your aunt and uncle.

  3. I'm thinking the family just needed more quality with the McGuinness's. We loved seeing you and my kids enjoyed the museum as much as Wes. Don't give up on our fair city. Next time plan on staying with us, and we can turn the boys over to my babysitters when things turn south and have adult time on the town!

  4. We have a children's museum up in cleveland on university circle across from Case. Same waterworks and a variety of other stuff. Let us know when you're going. We'll pack up our bus load and join you.

  5. @Kate Yes! Definitely the 5 cutest kids I know!

    @Laura Double Yes! We're definitely not leaving your side next time! I see the Cincy zoo in our our summertime future!

    @Nathan, We have actually been to the Cleveland kids's museum before. It's fun, just not nearly as massive and amazing as the Cincinnati one. But another trip up would be fun sometime!

  6. YES! Take the cake! I miss that place SO much. their food is so good - i hope you enjoyed it.

    i think the cincinnati museum is one of my favorite memories as a child. looks like your kids enjoyed it too.

    there are some really great parks in cincinnati (eden, ault, alms) that are super beautiful.

    ah - this makes me miss it SO much.

    this was a good post for me to start on ^_^



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