Some Miscellaneous Christmas-ing

posted on: Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry day after Christmas, everyone! Personally, I think December 26th is sort of the most depressing day of the year, but that's just me. Did you all have a good one? Ours was pretty great. Exhausting, but great. The real camera is still full of pretty Christmas photos that I haven't gotten around to downloading yet. So, today's post is just a little recap of the past few days before Christmas via my iphone. 

The last day before break I volunteered for Weston's class Christmas party and brought in all the stuff to do a gingerbread man craft with the kids.

 I know I'm biased, but was Wes's not just the cutest thing ever?

 We also watched this more than once and loved every minute of it.

There was an ugly sweater contest at the family Christmas party with some pretty stiff competition.

 ...and we have a winner!

 is that not just amazingly hideous? Bravo, Uncle Sean, Bravo.

Also, just to confirm that we do indeed live in Mayberry, we had more than one neighbor drop off baked goods and gifts to us this week. Below is one of the baskets dropped off which was promptly dismantled and pilfered by two little elves only moments after this photo was taken. But seriously, we struck gold deciding to move here and I feel so, so lucky to be surrounded by these people every day.

And speaking of lucky, we got a far too short visit from friends whom we haven't seen in far too long. And planned a memorial day trip to Chicago while they were here and now I'm counting down the days until spring :)

In not-so-lucky news, poor Oren face planted into the side of a tool box and got a nice Christmas facial wound, perfect for holiday photos!

(This is just evidence that I can no longer walk past the little girl's section without buying something for our new baby niece, Rory. Whom I got to snuggle for about an hour on Christmas and was probably my favorite part of the whole day.)

And these were what my freshly wrapped presents looked like right before Oren overdosed on breakfast sausage and puked all over them. They all got a fresh re-wrapping and we learned an important lesson in limiting Oren's pork intake. The boy just doesn't know when to stop.  

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and only had to wrap your presents once!



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