2013. A Year in Review

posted on: Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last year I never got around to doing a year end post like the ones I'd done before. Probably because we were off to Chicago right after Christmas and stayed through the new year. I don't have much of an excuse this year as our big plans for NYE tonight are to stay home, order a pizza, make lava cakes and try to see midnight without falling asleep.

As I mentioned, 2013 started off in the best possible way...with a vacation :) And any year that starts out with a little vacation is alright by me. This day last year, we'd just seen our two sweet friends married, arranged a babysitter for the boys and had a (grownups only) night out on the town in Chicago.

 NYE dinner at the Publican was incredible.
We muddled through the rest of winter, enjoying our 6th wedding anniversary, Valentine's Day and Josh's big improv debut.
By spring all our focus was on selling our old house and buying our new. I would say this was definitely the biggest undertaking of the year and much of the rest of the year was focused on that. It was hard saying goodbye to Westvale and even harder getting through all the drama involved in selling it. But in the end, I am happy to say we became proud owners of our dream house and I have had so much fun turning it into a home.

As if buying a new house were not excitement enough, I turned thirty in August and we celebrated with the trip of a lifetime to Iceland. Well, technically Amsterdam and Iceland (not that I'm complaining, because that was certainly the happiest accident of the year by far). And I've decided I'd easily turn thirty every year if it always involved icebergs. And puffin. And glaciers and time alone with Josh too. Gosh, that was a good trip.
The boys grew by leaps and bounds, as they seem to do each year without fail. We had Oren's last birthday party in our old house and Weston turned five in our new one. I ended a two year nursing career with Oren and he got a new room and a brand new twin bed.

We also welcomed a new family member into our home, our furry little boy, Lincoln! And, goodness, I just can not believe how well he fits right in and how much we love him already.

Looking back, I'm actually surprised by how much we managed to squeeze into one year. I tend to prefer to spread out big events like these so I can put all my energy and focus into one thing at a time, but this year was full to the brim with excitement and changes. It was a really, really good one and I have high hopes for 2014 after this year.
Hope you all have a safe and fun new years eve and get to spend it with the ones you love.
See you in 2014!


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