A Little Distraction

posted on: Friday, December 6, 2013

the finest handlebar moustache you'll ever see
The last few days have been sad ones for our family. Josh's grandpa unexpectedly passed away early Tuesday morning and everyone has been reeling a bit from the loss. He was such a good man and will be incredibly missed. Tonight we're having everyone over and we're going to make paper snowflakes and homemade cannoli in his memory. (They were his specialty). For now I thought I'd post some photos from last weekend of the boys in the hope that it might offer a little distraction and maybe bring back a little cheer we've all been missing. We visited the annual children's hospital tree festival and the boys sat on santa's lap. Nobody cried this year, but Oren was thoroughly unimpressed. Sort of reminded me of Wes from a few christmases ago.

Pro Tip: Take your kids to see Santa at the tree festival so when your two year old makes this face in the photo you take of him on Santa's lap you can console yourself with the fact that at least it was free.
There was also lots of cookie making and tree decorating last weekend as well.

In keeping with the season, Wes requested an octopus cookie and Oren wanted a dinosaur to decorate. I improvised using snowflake, candy cane and minature stocking cookie cutters. Those are some damn fine frankenstein-like masterpieces if I do say so myself (especially after you see what Wes did with his) **pats self on back**


Oh, and this right here is the face I get when I try to take his picture these days because suddenly he's a teenager.

^^^^  This picture kills me. So proud of himself! ^^^^

Uncle Ben was home!

And now I'd like to leave you with a little series of photos I'm calling "Oren drinks hot chocolate" with a free "sure to cheer you up" guarantee included ;)



  1. First, the picture with Oren and Jeff.......... no need to say more. The Wes teenager picture, yuup! And.......the chocolate milk drinking - makes it look sooo good! Definitely smiling. Will miss seeing that handlebar mustache! xoxo

  2. It took me a moment to realize that Oren was sitting on a towel "drinking" his hot chocolate. I saw the spots on the carpet and was like, "OH NO, POOR PATTY!" Eeeshka, haha.


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