Eight Months Old - An Update

posted on: Thursday, July 9, 2015

This girl. 

I wasn't planning on doing an update for her 8th month but she has apparently decided to knock out every conceivable milestone in a matter of three days, so I figured why not?

First of all, she has two teeth, bottom front as expected. She bites now and it hurts! She thinks this is hilarious. Also, she's been eating table foods left and right. She's still nursing and eating baby food, but what she really wants is a bite of whatever the big people are eating.

Secondly, she babbles constantly. Mostly it's all nonsensical but there are some solid da-da's in there. We're not calling it her first word because it hasn't been 100% directed at Josh yet, but as soon as she figures that out, it will be official. (Meanwhile I just keep whispering mama in her ear at every possible opportunity trying to sway the odds. I have not been successful.)

Thirdly, she can pull herself up to standing now. Right on her 8th month birthday, like she's been doing it her whole life.

Fourthly(?), Girlfriend crawled. The day after she stood for the first time, she freaking crawls?! And I promptly burst into tears. Happy, joyful tears at first - I was so proud! Then sad, self-pitying tears - my baby is growing up! Parenthood is such a dichotomy. Please pass the mood stabilizers.

Oh! And then she started drinking milk out of a sippy cup (Lori sent a picture). So basically, she's done being a baby now. It was cool while it lasted, but she's getting her college applications in order (Harvard for the name recognition or Smith for their strong feminist tendencies? Still undecided.) and packing her bags. At this rate, she'll be out of here in no time.

So pretty much, she's amazing and a baby genius and I hate it. 

But I also love it. And I love her. I love how she reaches out to be held and how we still share the same pillow at night. I love her hazel eyes and the dark ring around the the edges of her iris. I love the little birthmark on her thigh that just showed up one day and her hair color that we're still debating (auburn? strawberry blond?)  I love how she always wants to be involved in everything we're doing and is such a little social butterfly who craves attention and affection. (I am more than happy to oblige). I love her smell, and the sound of her voice and the way her personality is slowly unfurling day by day.

So, happy eight months baby love. You're on your way.


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