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posted on: Thursday, July 30, 2015

Here's the deal, we've lived in our house for over two years now (wut?) and I am going to lose my damn mind if we don't get a handle on our master bedroom situation soon. We have not done one thing in there since the day we moved in besides throwing in our existing furniture and putting our clothes in the closets. Like, not one single thing. We still have a blue stripe of paint running the circumference of the room better suited to the 12 year old boy who previously inhabited the room than the two grown ass adults who are too lazy to drag out the paintbrushes. We don't even have a switch plate cover over the light switch. Apparently in an entire two years we just could not be bothered. Speaking of which, we have a ceiling fan in there that's missing the cover over the lights and so we have two exposed bulbs sticking out. You guys. You guyyyyyyzzzzzzz. This can not continue. (If it sounds like I'm being overly dramatic, that's because I am). 

So here is what I'm doing. I finally started designing the space. Putting a plan into place so we at least have a direction to go in with this room. Maybe spark a little motivation to actually start in here? That is my hope. The problem is that there are a lot of rooms in the house where we could be spending our dollars and only so many dollars to go around. I want a new kitchen floor (badly), new counter tops, new tile in the boy's bathroom...the list goes on and on. So it's been easy to put off our bedroom because no one ever sees it but us. Well, I think it's time to direct a little attention in here at last. Now, I'm not going crazy at all in here. (I still REALLY want a new kitchen floor.) I'm keeping all of our current bedroom furniture (bed, dresser, nightstands) and just adding in the pieces we still need (rug, mirror, lighting). Plus a little paint, a new fan and all new bedding and we'll be in business.

I'm making it sound so easy, right? ha. Anyway, here's what I'm thinking.

That floral fabric was my inspiration for the colors in the room. I'm going to have a big custom bolster pillow made out of it to be the centerpiece on our bed. The rug, I love. But it's expensive. All big rugs are stupidly expensive but you still need them. Still looking for a more affordable option but so far I've been coming up short. The fan was a compromise because Josh insists we have a ceiling fan while I would have preferred a cool new light fixture, but I'm okay with this one. I like it enough and it pairs well with the sconces. The paint color might be a bit tricky. This one is Skimming Stone by Farrow & Ball, but I may need to get a few different paint samples up on the walls before making my final decision. Either way, I still feel like I've made some progress over here. Mind you, this is all hypothetical and not one thing has actually been done yet, but still...progress!

Now, anyone wanna come sand some trim with me? ;)



  1. I am SHOCKED that you don't have links to everything for purchase! hahahaha! Looks beautiful - can't wait to see it actually happen some day! xoxoxo

    1. Ha! Well if you're really feeling generous they're all saved on my pinterest board with links ;)

  2. hahahahahaha - I should have KNOWN! xoxoxo


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