posted on: Thursday, July 23, 2015

Frankly, unless you have some McGuinness blood running through your veins, chances are this post isn't going to do much for you. My grandpa has been having some health issues lately which have brought the out of towners in my family into town this past week and we've been soaking up the time together as a family. It's very rare to have everyone together in one place at one time. My grandparents have eleven children. (Yes, you read that correctly, eleven.) So you can imagine getting almost everyone together is hard and it's a pretty big deal when weeks like this happen.

Toward the end of a brunch we threw on sunday morning Josh was sweet enough to take some family photos of everyone out on our front porch. Unfortunately, despite the semi-miraculous number of people we were able to wrangle together from all ends of the country we were still missing two of my uncles and their spouses, six grandchildren and six great grandchildren who couldn't make it. Still, having these photos is pretty special.

 my grandparents and their five daughters

four out of six of their sons

 nine of the eleven children 

and their spouses

and one of my grandparents with most of the grand kids and great grand kids.

Looking at all of these photos while putting this post together put such a smile on my face. I just feel so lucky that we were able to have this time together. I really love these people. 



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