Concert Week Wrap Up - The Slackers

posted on: Tuesday, October 25, 2011

So, we spent Friday night having a pre-Josh's-birthday celebration of sorts with dinner and a show in Cleveland, accompanied by some of our lovely family and friends.

Josh picked dinner at Michael Symon's B Spot. The chocolate/banana/marshmallow milkshake and the Fat Doug burger (pastrami, coleslaw, mustard, swiss = heaven!) were both FANTASTIC...the two hour wait, however, was SO not. Happily, the good folks at the B Spot totally redeemed themselves with loads of (complimentary) delicious appetizers and excellent service. I would definitely go back again, just maybe not on a Friday night with eight people...

Then we headed over to the Grog Shop to see the Slackers for the 82937578324569th time (seriously) and they were completely amazing as always. The crowd, however, was not. It's always the same thing, people dancing, shoving, crowd surfing when you just really want to enjoy the show but instead you're spending all your time trying to avoid being knocked down or kicked in the head. But hey, I only got beer spilled in my hair once the whole night, so that's gotta count for something, right?

Slacker's chick was there (aka: groupie/drunkard who has been at every single show for the last 10 years). She managed to get up on stage and sexually harass Glen Pine for at least one song, so that was entertaining as usual.

Then there was the (extremely drunk) guy who decided he was pretty much in love with Josh and spent a good portion of the night hanging all over him. Hilarious.

(note Josh's discomfort)

But the best, best, BEST part of the whole show was watching this guy dance and flail around in his giant poncho, lost in his own little world stage right. (the picture was taken on my phone in the dark and is, of course, awful. But, this guy was worth the price of admission alone).

All in all, the Slackers were fabulous and I think everyone had a good time in the end. Looking forward to doing it all over again next year.


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