Six Months Old

posted on: Wednesday, October 19, 2011

six months old means sitting up all by ourselves

six months old means eating cereal and avocados and bananas

six months old means holding our own bottle

six months old means army crawling, pivoting and rolling everywhere

six months old means bumping our head and getting stuck alot too

six months of twice daily pumping/cleaning a million little pump pieces parts/pumping again at work

six months of spit up, diaper blowouts and endless laundry

six months of night nursing every two hours

six months of 6am wake up calls (even on the weekend, how rude!)

six months old means reaching out for mama and daddy now

six months old means the most infectious smile you've ever seen

six months of busy days and nights

six blessed months with a baby in my arms or on my hip

six months with oren henry six months of my life


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