Jeff Gillian Welch

posted on: Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jeff Gill - Gillian Welch, you see what I did there? (been planning that post title for months)

Anyway, it's concert week over here! To kick it off Josh, Abby, Jeff and I saw Gillian Welch live Tuesday night at the Kent Stage.

Another amazing show and another amazing artist I would not have known about if it weren't for this guy

That's right - Jeff Gill, my brother in law. (Technically, he's not, but he might as well be and if I just start calling him that maybe he and Abby will forget they're not actually married yet and just go ahead and have some cute babies already. Who's with me?!)

Anyway, the show was great. Gillian's voice was pure and perfect and girlfriend plays a mean banjo. And of course, Dave Rawlings played guitar like a BOSS. It was pretty spectacular.

The audience however, was not.

It was seriously the most awkward crowd I think I've ever been in. There was a guy a two rows from the back, drunk (hopefully, trying to make small talk with Dave and Gillian about the weather in between songs.


Forrealtho he actually hollered out that "The weather has been mild around here the last few days."

Thanks for the update there, buddy

Then there was the lady sitting a couple seats down from us that was either laughing hysterically, yelling for everyone to start clapping along or sobbing uncontrollably the whole evening - depending on the song they played.

Then there were the probably 10 or so people who
...even after Dave and Gillian made it clear that this was not, contrary to popular belief, an all-request show.

Ugh, it was so embarassing. I probably blushed about 10 times on behalf of my fellow concert goers and Kent, Ohio to which I'm sure they will never be returning. Good thing I made it to this show.

And it was a good show despite it all. They played my favorite Gillian song, and Dave's "Sweet Tooth" and "I'll Fly Away" from this soundtrack (awesome movie, even better soundtrack) and all the best songs from the new album.

I was a happy girl.

And now, cue the shitty photos taken on my phone in the dark!!!

side note - concert #2 of the week is tonight. Come see Cities & Years perform live here at the Steels Corners location at 7:30pm!


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