A Little Bit of Shameless Self Promotion

posted on: Tuesday, October 25, 2011

As you may or may not have noticed, there have been a couple of new badges added to my blog that show that I am now a part of a cool little blog community called Top Baby Blogs 

This is just a collective of blogs where moms and dads from all over can come together in one place. The blogs are ranked by popularity and that is done by calculating the number of votes each blog gets per day.
I've had a couple questions by a few of my readers (ahem...family members) as to how you can vote, so here's how it works...

The voting is tabulated every 24 hours, so essentially if you like my blog and you'd like to help me out by voting, you would click on the Top Baby Blogs badge found on the right hand side of my blog every time you visit my blog. Each person can vote once per day. The point is to get as many votes per day as possible, moving me up in the ranks and hopefully gaining my blog a bit more visibilty and hopefully a few new readers.

Once you click on the badge it will take you to a voting gateway page where you click through to cast your vote. There are two options on the gateway page... to vote or not! So you click on the "Click Here To Vote" graphic on the left to cast a "vote" (which is just a fancy word for a unique referral).

Unfortunately you can't really tell if you've voted or not. There is no confirmation, but rest assured you have and thank you so very much for doing so!
And remember, you can vote 1 time per 24 hour period, per account.

And I promise, this will be the last and only time you hear about this (as I'm sure no one comes to this blog to read about voting and self promotion!) But thank you so much for your interest and I hope this little explanation helped clarify any confusion out there about how this whole thing works.

thanks again,



  1. I voted yesterday and checked your rank "247" and today you're at "182". Making strides!


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